Welcome to Gary Field Homes Inc.


For over 26 years we’ve been designing and building homes of all shapes and sizes to meet our customers’ needs. From two story homes to raised ranches, from modest starter homes to sprawling luxurious homes with the finest features that reflect the latest styles.

“Pride of owning and living in a home that reflects your tastes is important to us!”

We work very closely with the homeowners during the entire process, starting at the initial blueprint planning to the date of completion. Whatever your design tastes, Gary Field Homes offers a variety of choices on windows, doors, trim, cabinetry, flooring, etc. Let us help to mastermind your dream home for years to come.

Here at Gary Field Homes we believe in Complete Home Analysts, we work with our customers for all their needs, included Septic, Water Lines, Lane-ways and Geothermal. We determine your needs and help to find solutions.

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